Wayne G. Wegner


Wayne G. Wegner PC has significant experience and expertise in many areas of the law. Wayne and his staff pride themselves in being available to our clients and providing to them prompt, affordable high quality legal services.

Our Legal Expertise

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Every adult should have some form of estate planning, whether it be a simple will and related documents or a trust. With proper estate planning, you not only show your family that you care about them, it allows you to plan ahead of time how your assets will be handled when you are gone, or if you are disabled and unable to handle your own matters. A good plan also reduces the risk of disputes over your estate.

Real Estate

Whether you are concerned about residential, commercial or industrial property, Wayne can assist you in buying or selling real estate, for landlord-tenant issues, and most other real estate matters.

Business Law

The creation, operation, sale and purchase of business entities is an area in which Wayne also has significant experience. From small solely owned or family business entities to mid-size business entities, we can assist.


Times when you should consider calling Wayne G. Wegner PC

You don’t have a current estate plan consisting of a current Will, Power of Attorney, Designation of Patient Advocate or Trust, or you know of a friend or family member that needs such a plan.

You have experienced the death of a friend or family member, when a probate estate needs to be handled or a trust administered.

You have a real estate matter that needs to be handled, such as buying or selling a home, commercial, industrial or other property.

You have a problem with any other real estate matter.

You have a business or corporate matter that needs attention or you want to create a business entity.

You have a contractual matter which is in dispute and you need legal help.